We've collected over 1.1 million predictions from 500 active users since our platform launched in December 2017

Choose between cryptocurrencies or stock market assets, and share the best predictions you can to maximise your Ether payment each month

Reputation scores

Your reputation score is a measure of how good you are at predicting future asset prices. Each user has a reputation score between 0 and 100, starting at 50 when they first using the platform. This score increases with every correct prediction and decreases with each incorrect prediction. Monthly Ether payments will be higher for users with higher reputation scores, incentivising the best honest use of the platform and ensuring we collect high quality predictions from users.


SHP reserves a stake in the Sharpe tokenized economy, and payments to users for predictions depend on their stake. This enforces a degree of scarcity in our ecosystem, and further incentivises users to provide the best predictions they can.

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