The Idea Is Born

Lewis and James meet in San Francisco and discuss the initial concept behind crowd-sourced wisdom, leveraging blockchain technology to create a tokenized ecosystem and incentivisation mechanism.



Initial Quant Model

Lewis and James commence work on the first quantitative equity model, exploring complex algorithms for generating alpha in equity markets.


Whitepaper Published

The first version of the Sharpe whitepaper is published, defining the proof-of-reputation methodology for crowdsourcing real-time sentiment on financial markets.


Israel Joins Founding Team

Israel Colomer joins the founding team, as we begin the preparation of our public crowdfunding campaign and Centuri prediction platform launch, scheduled for December.


TAAS Join The Advisory Board

Lewis and James attend d10e conference in Kiev, Ukraine, where Dimitri Chupryna (Managing Partner of TAAS fund) joins the advisory team.


ETHLend Partnership

Lewis, James and Barnaby (from the advisory team) attended Web Summit in Lisbon, where a partnership agreement was formed with ETHLend to utilise prediction data from the Sharpe platform to assess counterparty risk on loans.


Centuri Platform Launch

The Centuri prediction platform launched on December 11, and Sharpe collects over 200,000 stock market predictions in the first 4 weeks.



First Payout ($105,000)

Following the successful launch of our Alpha platform, we issued the first payment to our users for their predictions totalling $105,000 USD. The average payout was ~$972 per user, with a range of $0.02 - $0.12 per SHP staked.


Crowdsale Sold Out!

After three months of hard work, we closed our crowdsale early after hitting our hard cap of 6,000 ETH. At the time of closing the sale, we had raised an equivalent of $5.7MM USD.



We decided to rebrand from “Sharpe Capital” to simply “Sharpe”. This accurately encompasses everything that we do and will be our top level identity for all business activity, including private equity/seed stage investments, crypto/equity portfolio management & data analytics.


Hiring & Expansion

We’re excited to announce a number of job openings, which you can find on our team page. We also welcome Max, Harry and German to the team, who will specialise in market research & analysis, full-stack software development and quantitative modelling.


Prediction Reports

Users will be able to view reports of their predictions each month, detailing which predictions were correct/incorrect as well as how these predictions have impacted their reputation score.


League Table

We will introduce a league table so users can see where they sit relative to everyone else that actively uses our platform. Users will be ranked by reputation score and the league table will be updated daily.


Algorithmic Trading

Our first algorithmic trading models will be deployed in the market. They are driven by statistical analysis and focus on exploiting inefficiencies in cryptocurrency markets.


iOS App

Our prediction platform will be made available on iOS, so you can easily share your insights whilst on the move! Push notifications and alerts will be used to maximise user engagement and collection of data.


Arbitrage Bot

We have some very clever (top secret!) plans regarding an arbitrage bot we’re working on. Access to trading signals from the bot will be shared with users based in their activity on our platform and SHP ownership.


Trustless Ledger

We will release our Open Source trustless ledger, based on smart contracts. All of our trading activity will be published in real-time, setting a new ‘gold standard’ for fund management and transparency.


Android App

Android support for our mobile app will shortly follow the initial iOS release.


Sentiment Index

Prediction data from our users will be packaged up into a “Global Sentiment Index” and licensed to institutional investors. Users who provide predictions will gain some preferential access to the data that they help us generate.



SCD Crowdsale

We will launch an independent crowdsale for a fully automated, regulated, crypto fund. All funds raised will go into the fund, which will have a very low cost base and leverage IP that is already in development by the Sharpe team. SCD token holders will receive a quarterly dividend payment, autonomously distributed by smart contracts.


First SCD Dividend

The first quarterly dividend will be paid to SCD token holders, from returns generated by our fully automated algorithmic fund.